Bushman's supports local Art

Maggie Johnson on display

Bushman's is a proud supporter of local art. Currently on show are the works of local artist Maggie Johnson. ALL works are available for sale and can be shipped domestically and internationally.

Maggie Johnson -  Artist Profile


Love brought me here to this magical place and it became home when I married a local. He shared with me his love for the West Coast and I was drawn to the wildness, the wide open spaces and the beauty around every corner.

The sea west of here is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe, which makes it feel like we live on the edge of the world. This profound sense of space gives birth to a mystical and spiritual awareness in a wild and natural setting. Seahorses in purple water, rainbow rain, light over the ocean, the contrast of the turbulent waters at Hells Gates to the calm reflections in black water of the Gordon River, all play a part in creating the magic of this place.

My message is one of conservation and connection. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world but our environment is a fragile one. Climate change and water pollution threaten our wildlife and natural habitat and this can ultimately threaten our way of life.

My artwork is about what I love and treasure. I use Golden Thread as a metaphor for the love and energy that connects all living things and also to emphasise form, movement or flow. On an esoteric level, this golden thread has the power to transform, heal, and create a more united earth.

Maggie's latest work - A Spotlight on the Piners

This body of work aims to honour the Spirit of the Piners, those tough, strong men who harvesting Huon Pine in the remote reaches of the Gordon River system and reaped a life of subsistence during the harsh times of the Depression. Persistence, determination, strength and endurance were the trademark characteristics of the Piners. Their remarkable feats and achievements against hardship and challenge is to be admired and their strength of character lives on in the people of this town

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